Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A first

For the last three days I got to be with my son and his uncle on a fishing trip. We took a boat and our camper and went to Lake Arrowhead to do some jug fishing. It was a first in that it was the first time David and I went for that long without his Momma. He did great! Not to hurt his Momma's feelings or anything, but that boy was beside himself most of the time. He was such a joy to be around. It humbled me during and looking back on how much fun we both had. He didn't whine, cry, or get scared a single time. I hope that it is the first of many trips like that. Unless you have done something like that with your son you really have know idea how special it is. The few special memories I have of my Dad all revolve around things like that. I know that David will remember.
You know, we didn't catch any fish...We caught a couple of little ones and threw them back. But, it didn't matter one bit. What mattered was that I got to spend some time with just my boy. There is nothing more important than that. John said it best when we were sitting around the campfire when he said that this is what is important...he mentioned that this is what life is all about. He was right. The joy of raising my son and experiencing things like that to ensure that he in turn will do the same is so natural and fantastic.
Didn't mean to bore you with that. Just wanted to share.
So, in my lesson to you...Take your son out. Let him get fish guts on his hands. Let him ride in a boat and drive it. Let him sleep in his own bunk away from you like a big boy. Let him get disappointed when it is time to go home. Let him see his Dad and his uncle get in an argument about a broken boat engine...(another post) Let him get dirty, dig in the yard, bruise his knee, and just let him be a boy.
More importantly....
Let him be around you as much as he wants...