Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 random things about me..

Laughed out loud when I read Trey's....Hope mine makes you smile too.

1. When I talk to people I count their eyes, nose holes, ears and mouth...over and over...Mostly everyone has 7 things to count...In a crowded room, I am constantly counting by sevens..

2. When I drive alone in the car I am usually singing at the top of my lungs..

3. When I drive with my family I am usually singing at the top of my lungs..

4. I Never thought I would like Nascar.

5. I am constantly counting things during conversation. Pictures, windows, anything that can be counted.

6. When I watch tv my wife gets on to me for chewing my tongue.

7. I dipped smokeless tobacco for 15 years...quit 4 years ago. The smell makes me sick, but I still crave it.

8. I sound just like Garth Brooks when I sing.

9. I have downloaded karoake songs on my ipod.

10. I long to brush my hair again someday.

11. I honestly and truly believe that Oswald acted alone!

12. Growing up, I watched tv regularly...now, I can't even tell you what is on when and who is on it.

13. When I played football in college, I played dirty in the pile-ups and talked a lot of noise.

14. I can eat a lot of steak.

15. I have never liked baseball players.

16. I like Coach Botos and Ryan Mills.

17. When I was little I thought black and white television was how the world really looked in the old days.

18. In my dreams I can't run, but I can fly.

19. I can sing any song on the radio, but struggle in church to find the right tune.

20. I am a loyalist.

21. I love history.

22. I am a big fan of some broadway musicals...I can sing every song word for word of "Jesus Christ Superstar"

23. I have bench pressed 405 lbs before, squatted 695.

24. I stole a car and took it on a joy ride in high school.

25. I totaled a car that I had stolen for a joy ride in high school.

26. My first car in high school was a totaled 1973 volkswagon super beetle that someone had taken on a joy ride.

27. I don't like to limit myself to 25.