Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I got here.

In my busy life, I seldom think back on the road I've taken to get here. But, when I do take the time to look back on that road, I am always amazed. Truth is, when we look back on the events, people, and situations that got us to where we are, I am sure that we are humbled by the fact that God has allowed us to benefit from His decision to put us here. You ever think what would have happened if you would have done this or that? I do. There are many times in my past that I stood at a crossroad choosing which way to go. The direction I chose obviously led me to where I am. But, what if I would have gone the other way? Is that possible? Did God know which way I would go? Or did He just simply provide me the chance to stare at the crossroad and CHOOSE the right path, or the path He wanted me to take? It is all very deep. However, I know I chose the right road. I know that my life is the absolute best life I could have ever picked for myself all those years ago. I can vividly remember about how I would dream of this life. I wished for a beautiful wife, I dreamed for unbelievable kids, a great job, own a house, car, travel trailer,.....(really I dreamed of that!) Out of all of these things I have..the awesome thing about them is that the road I took to get here is filled with crossroads all along the way. With God's help, I have chosen the roads to get me to this place. I honestly cannot imagine a better life. I am so blessed.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Trip to the PALO DURO

Since Amanda blasted me (sort of) about how I was the only baby on the trip, I thought I would try to explain myself. It is COLD in a camper in the Palo Duro in January. So, naturally I was awake most of the time making sure everything was ok in the trailer...But, I will agree with my bride, everything else went awesome! We had a great time. If you want to see some cool pics, check out her blog today. My justification for getting this trailer was for the time we can spend together as a family. I only have a window of time with my kids to enjoy the trailer like this. So, it is worth every penny. I am doing all of this now before I hear, "Dad, I don't want to go."
BTW...I got a facebook page, trying to figure out to navigate through it. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.