Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is here...Finally. At the end of the day or the year I am filled with a lot of questions about how the year went. We had a lot of great times and some not-so great. I hope that I always kept the best interest of the kids in mind when I made any decision. One of the tough things about being in the position I am in is, you always wonder what people think of the job you are doing...It is only natural to seek approval from peers. I have learned so much this year. I have leaned on a bunch of folks along the way...
Thanks Toby-for always letting me ask all those questions. Thanks also for knowing what it is like and for the support.
Thanks Marsha- for being a great mentor to me. I hope I can be a good as principal as you some day.
Thanks Mr. Wilson-for having faith in me that I could do this.
Thanks Joe-We need to be sure and start that book next year. (You did a great job this year..."Makin' a good hand!")
Thanks Shelia, Nancy, and Liz-I have no doubt that I couldn't do it without you.
Thanks John-For lending an ear and letting me vent.
Thanks CHS Staff-You guys are awesome!!! It is so humbling to watch you teach these kids and care for them as much as you do.
Most importantly, thanks Amanda-At the end of every day you are my number one fan. I am truly the luckiest person in the world. You caught it somedays and I apologize for that. Thank-you for saying yes and having faith in me.
Hope everyone has a great summer!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend we celebrate Mom's day. I wish I could put into words how proud I am of my mom. I can't. There are no words to describe what she has done for me. I like telling people our story because it is just so cool.
My mom had me when she was 18 years old. Not an easy task in 1974. Back then, having a baby in high school was frowned on more so than it is today. You could say she had the deck stacked against her right from the start. But, she kept on going. I am passionate against certain options some young girls take to get out of "situations". I am not judging, I just know that Life is THE most precious gift. I am sure that option could have been suggested to Mom back then. Along with her loving family and support system it was just not an option she would take. I am so thankful...if not for my sake but, if no Kristen, Katy, or David.
Back to my mom.
Mom worked hard to provide for Tonya and me. She worked long hard hours and made sure that our well-being was before hers. We moved around a lot in our hometown, moving from one rent house to another. Mom always made the houses our home. We never went hungry. We always had clothes to wear. She provided the things we needed.
I know that that life was hard. It couldn't have been easy. Raising two children on your own is no easy task. But, she did it gladly. There was never, ever any conversation of not doing it. It was what she was here to do. And she did an unbelievable job. She told Tonya and me, we could do anything we wanted to do. All we had to do was try.
She made us learn from our mistakes and disappointments. I learned a lot about life through watching her raise us. I found out life is not fair. And if you want something, you had better go work for it. I know there were times during my raising that she wondered if I would make it. Looking back on certain screw ups, I myself am amazed!!
Looks like we made it. She did an awesome job. She has produced two kids that turned out alright. None of it would have been possible though, if not for her. There is no possible way she could have done a better job. Because she did it perfectly... Dr. Tonya Pickett will graduate in two weeks from Dental school and will have her own practice in Wichita Falls. All that we have accomplished is all because of one woman's love, nurturing, caring, discipline, courage, grace, patience, understanding, and undying selflessness.
I love you, Mom!!!
Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's your turn....Mrs.

I have had a lot of feedback on my most recent post. I even had some secret wtgs! I really enjoyed them. Honestly, I was a bit surprised. But, then again....I am a brilliant writer. HA!
So to continue with this marriage advice kick that I am on, I am needing some help...
Wives, please post your advice for...well,...wives. I gave my two cents worth for the man, now let me know your suggestions to help a marriage.
I guess the comment area down there at the bottom of this post is what you need to click. And then of course after that write in the comment box. And then of course you will need to publish you waiting for...Oh, you are wanting us guys to read your minds? I see, we are already suppose to know...what?...You don't want us to know?...Oh I see...
Lol...I am so funny...
Seriously. Just leave some suggestions...please.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello there, blog.....

Seems like there has been a lot of conversation about marriage lately. Most of it has not been good. I am saddened like all of us to know that some of our good good friends are hurting. It also makes us all turn and look at our own marriages. All makes us wonder. It makes us all realize we are not immune. We can't judge the folks that are going through this either. It is their private struggle, all we can do is pray that it all will work out for them.
Which brings me to my reason for this post.
What a guy should do in his marriage:
1. Put your wife's needs in front of your own.
This is hard to do. But, the attempt to try everyday is key in this working.
2. Listen to your wife talk even though what she has to say bores you.
This is hard to do. But, listen don't just hear attention to what she is saying. Chances are you are not really that interested. But you owe it to her to listen and be a part of the conversation. I realize it isn't very important to you what it is she is saying, but this falls into the category of "putting her needs in front of yours"
3. Run your are the man...Be the man. Pay bills, make decisions, make her proud.
4. Do the dishes after she cooks.
5. Make her home something she is proud to show off to her friends.
6. Let her know your fears.
7. Let her know what you want her to do.
8. Love her family.
9. Tell her how beautiful she is.
10. Hold her at night and not expect sex.
11. Rub her back and not expect sex.
12. Hold her hand in public.
13. Brag about her to your guy friends in front of her.
14. Discipline your children appropriately.
15. Take her on a date. (With no kids)
16. Fold laundry and not expect a reward for doing it.
17. Don't take her for granted.
18. Remember, there was a time that you thought you couldn't live without her. Try feeling that way again more often.
19. Kiss her on the lips at least once a day.
20. Let her hear you say you love her once a day.
21. Make her proud to be your wife and mother of your children.
22. Understand that most times when she is talking to you about a problem she doesn't want a fix, she wants an ear to hear her. If she wants you to fix it, she will tell you.
23. Write her a love note for no reason.
24. If she has got something big at work going on, write her a love note.
25. Smell good before you go to bed. (body and breathe)
26. Try and stay in shape for her.
27. Plan vacations together.
28. Calm her during storms.
29. Turn the t.v. off.
30. Lastly, love her like she deserves to be loved.
There are more bits of advice out there I am sure. Some of the points I mentioned are probably pretty crude. But, I feel they are important.
I love my wife. I love the fact that our marriage is a work in progress. We struggle just like all marriages. I know that at the end of a hard day or a great day, my bride is always there. I am so thankful God gave me her. There are times I know that I don't deserve her. "She is every woman."