Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funny....or at least I thought it was.

There was this one time that I talked my brother-in-law in helping me to try and push start my old riding lawn mower....I told him he just wasn't pushing fast enough.

Have you ever talked into the speaker at McDonald's the same time as the worker was funny.

Have you ever drove off from the window at McDonald's and said, "I love you"....very funny.

One time when Amanda and I were shopping for cars in Amarillo on car lots...she jumped in this Yukon in the driver seat and scared the heck out of this old lady who was sitting in the passenger seat. She thought it was one of the cars for sale. She jumped in and said, "look Erik, the keys are still in it...and someone's purse...what the..., Oh I am sorry, Is this your car?" Classic.

I liked running outside...but, people were always stopping me to ask if I was alright.

Believe it or not, I used to sing at folk's weddings...At one particular wedding, the sound guy played the wrong side of the tape and instead of stopping the wedding and having him fix it, I just lip-synched the whole song. And then at this other wedding, this old 150 year old organ player just stopped right in mid-stream. Everyone just stared at me and I had to put the mic down and just calmly walk off stage...terrible.

I was a pretty freakish first time parent. I still laugh in my head about this one. One time, (I can't believe I am writing this) I took one of Kristen Jill's dirty diapers to church to show Dr. Mike to see if what was in it was normal. Sorry, Dr. Mike. (Amanda was so mad!)

In an attempt to teach my kids chores, I was having them clean their rooms. Katy hates to clean. When she told me she didn't want to clean her room, I told her she had two choices, a spanking or clean her room. She asked me, "If I take the spanking do I have to still clean my room?" I said no..She took the spanking...cried for about 5 minutes, then went and played in her room as the other two kids cleaned theirs...lesson learned.

I hope you enjoyed these little FUNNY stories and such. Please feel free to leave a funny comment or two to this blog. Have a great day!