Wednesday, October 29, 2008

been awhile...

If you know me at all and been around me much you probably know that I have a little sister that I am extremely proud of. She is 8 years younger than I. We are very close. We always have been. My wife says that we are just alike. I have to disagree. I am way cooler and smarter than she is. Speaking of smart, she is fixing to graduate from dental school. If she thinks I am going to call her Dr. she has another thing coming. That is a title for highly educated, noble people with a high intelligence. That can't be my sister. The sister that I know is sitting at the table with her hair in her food, her room is a pig's den, and she is annoying the crap out of me. This is the girl who told her 1st or 2nd grade teacher that I was mean and abusive to her just to get out of a spelling quiz. I could really go on and on about that child...
But honestly, I am so very proud of her. She graduated 2nd in her class from Burk High, she was an all state volleyballer, got a full academic ride to Texas A&M, got accepted to dental school in Houston, and is now graduating this May to practice her craft in Wichita Falls. And did I mention that she is absolutely beautiful. My wife and her are great friends. I love this picture of them. I am so lucky that my wife loves her and truly considers her a sister.
Her birthday is coming up Nov. 8th. I can still vividly remember the night she was born. Exmouth, Australia is where we were. That was the night that I met my baby sister. I was proud then, and I am proud now. I love you, Tonya!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I loved playing football. I wasn't the best on the field, (in fact on my best day I was barely average) but I loved to play. I was very blessed to play one of the greatest sports in the world. Those of you that have played football probably agree. I learned a lot of life lessons on the ole' grid iron. To be honest with you, I don't remember much of the high school days. I can remember some big plays and big games (partially) but overall, I can't remember a lot of details. I can remember a little more in college. But, not much. I am not sure if it was shots to the head, or just the growing distance from that time. But what I do remember is the thrill, effort, energy, excitement, sadness, passion, pain, joy, or basically any emotion you can think of. I know you may not realize it, but I was not drafted by the Cowboys. After my playing days in college were done, I hung my pads up for the last time. I can remember that day. I had played that sport for 10 years straight. That day in Canyon, Texas I walked away from that locker never to stand in front of that locker again as a football player. You know I still dream of playing. It is a regular dream that I have often. It isn't like other reoccurring dreams I have, you know the ones were you can't fight or run? No, in my football dreams I am playing...running after the ball, really getting after it. It is odd. My 88 year old grandfather told me the other day that he still dreams of playing football too. I wonder if I will when I am 88.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dallas Cowboys

I have been watching these guys for a long time. For as long as I can remember I have been an avid fan. The first quarterback I can remember watching play was Danny White. I can remember being really upset when the Boys lost. To this day I still get a little upset when they lose. Like tonight, to the Cardinals. I am better now, but when I was younger I would get so worked up and it seemed like my week didn't go very well if the Cowboys lost on Sunday. I am really ready for another Cowboy Super Bowl. It has been awhile. I am not a fanatic, but I do like it when they win. I like watching Romo and his boys, but, I miss Troy (so does my wife). I loved watching Emmitt, Micheal, Newton, Norton, Harper, Jay, and the Moose. Man, those were the days. My favorite Cowboy moment was when they beat the Steelers like a drum in the Super Bowl. The Steelers had a hyped up defense under the play of linebacker Greg Lloyd. I can remember one play in particular when big Nate Newton pulled on a SCAT play and pancaked him...Awesome. What are some of your favorite Dallas Cowboy memories?