Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some of my favorite moments

On the way back from a volleyball game last night I was listening to the radio. The d.j. was asking for callers to call in with some of their most favorite moments in life...Got me to thinking about some of mine...

Here are just a few:
1. June 18th, 1999-Kristen Jill/June 25th, 2000-Katy Janae/July 19th, 2002-David Weldon
2. June 6th, 1998-DDAY anniversary...AND when she said yes.
3. The last time I hugged Teri Jane's neck.
4. The last image of my Mimi on the her front porch waving bye to me after a visit.
5. When we won the Wagon Wheel from ENMU in the annual game back in 1993.
6. When we beat Brownwood in a high school football game in 1990.
7. When I got my first paycheck as a teacher/coach in Hart, America
8. November 8, 1982-Tonya Lynn...best sis a brother could ask for
9. When I found out ITP case was acute.
10. When I got to be in the coaching staff picture with Charlie Johnston.
11. Anytime I hear my babies tell me they love me right before they go to bed.
12. Feb. 2002-when Dr. Mike baptized me
13. Anytime my Gan-Gan would come in our locker room after a win or loss in high school and college to tell us all good job.

I'll stop at 13. Just because. If you want; you can add.
Have great "favorite moment" kinda day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did you know:

1. Every now and then I feel like blogging?
2. My favorite running shoes are called "The BEAST"?
3. I am not a fan of pro baseball?
4. My favorite color is blue?
5. I got the coolest compliment in church tonight?
6. That I just made you think...."wonder what the compliment was?"
7. I probably won't tell you what it was?
8. I very seldom smile?
9. I think there should be a game clock on baseball games?
10. That I wanted to be a firetruck when I was 3?
11. One of my cousins is a fireman for WFFD-Wichita Falls, another one is a fireman for RFD-Randlett, my uncle is President of Texas Firefighters Association, and my dad is the Fire Chief in Port Aransas?
12. I think instant replay in football is a detriment to the natural flow of the game?
13. One of my favorite quotes is, "Never take yourself too seriously"-seriously?
14. That I believe in happy endings?
15. That I am so blessed?
16. I probably need to go to bed?
17. That I miss my friends from college and high school greatly?
18. I saw my first college football game from inside my football helmet?
19. That if you are still reading I can make you think of the color red?-told ya
20. That turkey-eatn' season is so close, that I can smell the grub already.