Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did you know:

1. Every now and then I feel like blogging?
2. My favorite running shoes are called "The BEAST"?
3. I am not a fan of pro baseball?
4. My favorite color is blue?
5. I got the coolest compliment in church tonight?
6. That I just made you think...."wonder what the compliment was?"
7. I probably won't tell you what it was?
8. I very seldom smile?
9. I think there should be a game clock on baseball games?
10. That I wanted to be a firetruck when I was 3?
11. One of my cousins is a fireman for WFFD-Wichita Falls, another one is a fireman for RFD-Randlett, my uncle is President of Texas Firefighters Association, and my dad is the Fire Chief in Port Aransas?
12. I think instant replay in football is a detriment to the natural flow of the game?
13. One of my favorite quotes is, "Never take yourself too seriously"-seriously?
14. That I believe in happy endings?
15. That I am so blessed?
16. I probably need to go to bed?
17. That I miss my friends from college and high school greatly?
18. I saw my first college football game from inside my football helmet?
19. That if you are still reading I can make you think of the color red?-told ya
20. That turkey-eatn' season is so close, that I can smell the grub already.

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