Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A very cool day.

John and I went to the Texas Tech home opener the other day. It was a very cool day.

The day started with us getting there way too early. Anytime John and I travel together, we make it a point to get there ridiculously early. Like two old men.

Anyways....We get there and we are hanging out at this part of the campus were a lot of activities regarding Tech football is around us. We take cover under a tree to get out of the way and because, well...it was hot.

Low and behold we are standing right where the football players start their "Raider Walk" to the stadium. Very neat.

But here is where it gets very cool...


When I started coaching in Childress, I had the opportunity to coach a 7th grade football team to an undefeated season. Then basketball went undefeated, then track...awesome group of boys. Among that team was an athlete named Sawyer Vest. I knew he was special the moment I assigned him that 7th grade locker for Athletics...

Along with all the other coaches at Childress I got to watch this kid succeed in every sporting venture he tried. He was a special athlete.

I got to be there for every single one of Sawyer's successes in the athletic arena. We had been through a lot since his 7th grade year to his 12th grade year.


As John and I are standing there, off the bus comes Tommy Tuberville! I got to give him a high five. And then...right behind him, was my man, Sawyer Vest. I reached out, grabbed him and gave him a "KP" hug like he just threw the winning touchdown vs. Crane back in 05!

I know he went through a spell to get there. I know that he worked his butt off to get there. I know that he loves the fact that he proved some people wrong. I know he has an amazing support system in place like his family there that he was far more happy to see than me.

But, at that moment, it was me and my 7th grade quarterback, who was fixing to play at the highest level of college athletics "huggin it out"!

It was a very cool day.