Sunday, June 26, 2011


This morning I had to get up and change the channel on the t.v. this morning. That act alone almost put me into a temper tantrum that would have consisted of a foot-stomping, arm folding, pout-fest. BUT, right before I acted like a two year old, some memories came back about way-back-when. Then that made me think of what my kids will never experience first hand. You know, things my generation had back then or what they didn't have back then, compared to what my kids have or don't have. Here is just a few. Please feel free to add any to this post.

1. Television: We had one t.v. on the floor with no remote.

2. Telephone: We had one phone, usually in the kitchen, that had a long cord and a rotary dial. In high school we evolved to two phones with a awesome little feature known as touch dial.

3. Video Games: We had ATARI then later, NINTENDO. We had a joystick and a paddle. Breakout was my fav.

4. Clothes: Levi's and Bugle Boys could only be found at certain stores....yeah, I said Bugle Boys.-POINT: specialty clothes are everywhere and accessible everywhere, seems like back in the day, only certain places had them.

5. Vehicles: Is it just me, or do kids these days have better cars than their parents? How is that happening? I had a 1973 super beetle when I was 16...that'll build you up some character.

6. OUTSIDE: We also used to do this crazy little deal when I was younger called playing OUTSIDE -just being OUTSIDE of the house. I don't see that as much anymore. GO PLAY OUTSIDE...WALK TO SCHOOL....SMELL LIKE THE OUTDOORS....if it is hot, get under or in a tree. One of my best memories was playing OUTSIDE and as it was getting dark hearing a very loud whistle, followed by a louder, "ERIK!!!!!!"-that meant get home as quick as possible..If I heard that sound today, regardless what I was doing, I would probably stop what I was doing and run towards the sound. Just like Pavlov's Dog.

7. We had to learn how to use a typewriter in Jr. High.

8. Computers were used for "smart-people" in big cities.

9. Friday Night Videos was awesome.

10. MTV played music videos

11. Reality t.v. was the "Price is Right"

12. All three networks had Saturday Morning cartoons and some played them after school.

13. We had no idea what "texting" was, we called them notes. Written by someone's own hand.

14. Walk-mans and Disc-mans (if you were rich)

15. When we rode in a car...we just had to deal with what mom was listening to on radio.

I know there are a lot more out there so please share.


Alex said...

For some reason, I've been thinking about "yesterday" recently. I guess you have been to. Time goes by so quickly.

Ginger said...

Great list KP! It really brought back a lot of great memories!

When we were kids we did not have vitamin water, energy drinks, or fancy bottled water...we had good 'ole Kool-Aid...just a few flavors would suffice! If we wanted a drink in the summertime, we would drink from the water hose! I can still remember the taste of water from the hot hose....good 'ole summertime!

Coach K said...

ginger stole i'm about to throw your 2-yr-old tantrum you mentioned!! LOL
i, too, LOVED the taste of water from a hot hose....and how quickly you learned to let all the hot water that had been sitting in the hose run out before you actually started drinking the cold, we were NOT GREEN!! hahaha

Ginger said...

Coach have to be quick as me! hahaha

It only took me one time of not letting the hot water run out before drinking the water before I learned to do that! haha

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